Costa del Sol

Renowned for being one of the vibrant and most cosmopolitan resort areas in the world today with plenty of interesting things to offer, Costa del Sol which literally mean Sunshine Coast is a popular holiday destination in Spain.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the convenience of holidaying and experience the most memorable vacation ever. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and magnificent beaches, Costa del Sol is truly a place worth visiting. Incredible attractions, beautiful church architecture and landmarks including the Malaga Castle all makes Costa del Sol one of the best holiday destinations in the world today. Its history and rich cultural heritage can be seen everywhere and are worth exploring.

Where to go

Besides being one of the loveliest regions in the world today, the Costa del Sol is home to several breathtaking places worth experiencing. These destinations will erase the word “boredom” from your memory.

Cuevea de Nerja – Nerja

Located on the eastern region of the Costa del Sol, Nerja is a beautiful destination that shouldn’t be missed. Its cliff-top Balcon de Europaa features a stunning palm fringed promenade. One of the must visit attractions is the Cuevea de Nerja. Here you will find cave wall paintings and archaeological finds which serve as a proof that this stalactite encrusted cave has served as a dwelling place since the days of Cro-Magnon man. The cave also prides itself for having the longest stalactite in the world stretching at 195 ft.

Museo Picasso – Malaga

Well known as the major gateway to the Costa del Sol, Malaga attracts millions of visitors annually. The sprawling Gibralfaro Fort offers visitors the chance to catch stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains. Just within short distance to Malaga’s breathtaking cathedral is the Museo Piccaso. At the Buenavista Palace, you will find over 200 of Picasso’s works including paintings, drawings, and ceramics. Few walking distance from here is the Museo Casa Natal, formerly known as Plaza de la Merced 15 – Picasso’s birthplace – and it features a gallery and a refurbished apartment where he was born.

Snow Sports – Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is a snowy paradise where you can enjoy lots of adrenaline activities such as snowboarding and skiing. Other activities include sledging or mountain hiking in the snow. If you are highly skilled in snowboarding and skiing, head for the snow park where you will find a more challenging obstacle including snow ramps, runs, jumps, boxes, rails and slope style modules. The best time of the year to visit is from November – April.

Water sports – Tarifa

If you are a lover of water sport activities, then a trip to Tarifa is a must. Featuring some of Europe’s best wind, Tarifa is one of the best surfing destinations in the world today. Here you can enjoy all kinds of surfing including wind surfing, body boarding and kite-surfing. If you are a novice, then you can sit back and relax while you watch the pros display their skills. You can choose to bring your own gear or hire on the beachside. If you’d like to improve on your surfing skills, there are lots of surf schools that cater to surfers regardless of your skill level.

Beautiful marina and charming old town – Marbella

Recognized as the aristocrat of the Costa del Sol resorts, Marbella features relaxing atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes. Though holidaying here is a bit expensive because its favored by royalty and celebrities for ages, but it’s definitely worth it. The beachfront is home to elegant hotel accommodation and the massive sized marina boasts luxury at its very best. Marbella’s elegant old town is a lovely warren of streets featuring several shops, restaurants, cafes and much more.

With plenty of things to offer, Costa del Sol is an ideal destination for your next vacation. It is not only renowned for being one of Spain’s most beautiful destination but also boasts an array of attractions and entertaining activities for people of all ages.

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Costa Del Sol

The Costa del Sol may be the perfect place for sun, sea and sand – but it’s actually home to so much more. From art and shopping to nature and history, you’ll find it all. So, here are ten reasons why you should book your flight to the Costa del Sol, today.

1| The Nature Parks

If you’re looking for flamingos then Laguna de Fuente de Piedra is the place you’ll want to visit. Fuente de Piedra is a small town in the province of Malaga that houses this stunning national reserve. Now, El Chorro is a beautiful area that has three tranquil turquoise lakes – surrounded by pretty pine forests and an abundance of wildlife.

2|The Shopping

You’ll find some of the best shopping in Spain located in the Costa del Sol. From quirky souvenir shops to stores boasting famous brand names – there’s something for everyone. The sheer variety of shops is unique to this area, when compared to others places – like Barcelona and Madrid.

Shopping in Puerto Banus

3| The Golf

Malaga and Cadiz win first prize for the most golf courses per square mile in Europe. So, if you love golf – the Costa del Sol is the place to go. Here you’ll find the Valderrama Golf Club – one of the most famous courses in Europe.

Valderrama Golf Club

Valderrama Golf Club

4| The Food

Whether you’re looking for a casual bite or a more sophisticated meal, the Costa del Sol has it all. You can find all types of restaurants – many graced with beautiful gardens beside them. For the more expensive ones head towards Marbella.

5| The Fiestas

The Costa del Sol is home to some of the most incredible festivals and parties that you’ll ever attend. You’ve got the International Music and Dance Festival in June and Seville’s biggest party, La Feria de Abril, in April – just to name a couple.

6| The Views

The Costa del Sol is smattered with stunning views – it truly is an absolutely beautiful place to visit. One of the best ways to view this incredible place in all its glory is atop Mount Calamorro. It’s the highest point in the area so, you’ll even get a 360 degree view.

7| The Arts

The arts community in the Costa del Sol is so very vibrant, with regular concerts popping up in many of the coastal towns. Malaga itself actually boasts over 20 museums – one of its most famous being the Picasso Museum.

8| The Birds

The Straits of Gibraltar is a pivotal point of the migration route between Europe and Africa. Making it the perfect spot to view birds heading north between February and June, and south between July and November. A truly enchanting sight.

9| The History

The architecture of the castles and city walls truly is a sight to behold. The Costa del Sol isn’t your run of the mill beach location – it’s packed full of history that’s just waiting to be absorbed. You’ll even find quaint, small towns tucked away into the mountains.

10| The Cities

There are so many different cities and areas to visit. Explore the birthplace of Picasso and tour Cadiz – the oldest village in Europe. Plus there’s Almeria for all you old-western fans. It’s where many Clint Eastwood and John Wayne films were shot.